Hello and welcome on the website of the association of the long qt syndrome

The Association (ASQTL) just celebrated its 10 th anniversary in 2007.
You will find on this website all the informations about this heart disorder which is still unknown service less we just opened a onlive FORUM and discussion group area.
Its really conveniant and it’s a big support for the patients. Don’t hesitate to follow us.

Just a few words about the Association : The Association (ASQTL), was created the 30 th of july 1997.
The aim of this Association is to have a better undesrstanding of this heart desease, to make easier the contact between people. Obviously we are just a few and exchange information and point of view to live in hope that the soarches will find a cure to this desease.
As we know a lot of different type of this desease, everyone can exchange informations as they like. (Hansard of 23/08/97).

-Last update-september 08 2008-

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