The first suspect indices are the syncopes often badly diagnosed, sudden loss of conscience lasting more than one minute with loss of urine. This syncope is almost always diagnosed like an epileptic fit.

It is not common to meet apparently healthy people who have sudden syncopes or death with the alarm clock or rest or cardiac pauses.

However in the genetic history of many families, it is not rare that sudden death occurs during the sleep.

The syncopes are foreseeable, no harbinger does not make it possible to the patient to be protected. Even if those usually occur during the effort or right afterwards, they can also occur during a calm activity.

The events releases and disturbers are enough numerous to be highlighted, the such excitations, the emotions, anger, a fear, tears, stress, noises strident, a ringing of telephone, alarm clock morning, Klaxon, medical examinations, pains, etc.

Swimming, the race, all as the physical efforts are to be proscribed.

For certain people the giddinesses often form part of the symptoms. Other more or less many and serious symptoms often come to be grafted with the symptoms of the LQTS. They are recognized like realities and sometimes handicapping. It is certain that depending on the state of the unquestionable patients have evil to face their problems of health and live their state badly.

Each individual is a particular case. If one takes for example three patients of the same family, touched by an identical genetic transfer it is probable that these three people will have a severity very different from the LQTS.

The absence of symptoms does not mean that person can be free to have abnormal gene of the long QT. Approximately 30 to 35 % of the patients will never have symptoms whereas others, can have one of them or little during their childhood, adolescence or in a more advanced age and for some they can have a series of symptoms in particular syncopes for a long period.

The symptoms can start as of the youth but also with adolescence, the adulthood, at the time of a shock and for the women a possibility at the time of a pregnancy. The female sex seems definitely to be touched than the male sex, since in nearly 70 % of the diagnosed cases one finds a woman; contradictory and unexplained result to date, since the genetic theory wants that the disease touches without distinction the two sexes. This is why it is very significant that all the members and parents of a same family subject themselves to tests of search of the LQTS. The first event perhaps the death sudden, impossible to envisage which can be concerned, therefore all people reached of the QT must be under processing.

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