In Europe, more particularly in ITALY with Pavie, the Polyclinic San Matteo, professor SCHWARTZ and its team has creates a specialized service of the long QT syndrome. This professor makes party of the pioneers of search in this field.

In 1973 it carried out the first denervation of the cardiac nerve sympathetic . Since this date more than one hundred dénervations were carried out in its service of cardiology in Pavie. Professor SCHWARTZ is known in the whole world, one owes him of discovered very significant on the SQTL.

In Europe Peter SCHWARTZ is a qualified person.

The team of professor SCHWARTZ is made up cardiologists, biologists, geneticists, pediatrists and other researchers known like Professors Silvia PRIORI, DI CARLO NAPOLITANO, Dr. Vincenzo PAGANINI, Dr. Francesco CANTU etc.

In spite of their competences, all these people remained simple of a great kindness, available and to the listening of the patients.

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